This week on the show I had Daniel Breitwiser, Brice Degeyter and Ethan Pierse. I’m still struggling against conforming to a theme of a podcast. I’ve been listening to some Podcasting shows on Clubhouse a new networking/learning app? The room I listened into suggested picking a lane and sticking to it and catering to a specific audience. However, I’m uninterested in replicating what has been successful for others and I know that might sound foolish but I my belief is that if I continue long enough overtime my own unique style of communication will show up. I’ve only just begun.

I’ve only begun to ask the questions that interest me and those are going to change greatly overtime as well as the flow of conversation from person to person as I age. The difference in conversational pattern from someone older or more experienced than I is a kind of awe in which I seek to soak up as much information as possible. Where as someone who I view as a peer or friend whom I have a greater raport with there is a much more fun and engaging cadience the other part of this that makes a large difference is when the episode is recorded live or over the phone it’s so much easier to read speaking cues and body language in person than over a zoom call. Hot tip from Ethan was to get which should vastly improve the quality of audio and video being recorded as well as easily being able to upload to additional platforms.

The main take away is that I shouldn’t expect the podcast itself to produce money by itself anytime soon. That’s not to say that it won’t be a useful tool and the act of creating a podcast is worthless because there are so many great things I’m learning. From outreach, marketing, pre and post production, interviewing and public speaking. There is no doubt in my mind that this turns into something.

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