A quick google search reveals that one is most likely to reach their peak genius in their 30’s. No pressure. Most Nobel Prize winners and “Great Inventors” achieve success in their late 30’s.


I’ve just come off the wild ride of beginning and ending a startup venture and now I find my life in an in-between state. I have in many ways done what I set out to achieve after I left university. Build a business and own equity in that business.

Boom job done, achievement unlocked… Now what? Existential crisis incoming.

Alright, I’m a millennial, so you already know I’m fueled by memes and new experiences. Having for the first time in my life financial runway I’m looking to learn. Questions about how to learn and what is the best way to learn begin to arise. What does life look like if I study independently for a year? Is online schooling important? What are first principals thinking? What is systems theory? What happens if I interview hundreds of people this year on my podcast The Zach Walter Show? Is now the time to build an online brand for myself by branding myself?

While I’ve actively participated in the production of a high growth company which required many quick decisions. I’m loath to make a quick decision about what should be the next path to walk down. What has guided me in these types of decisions in the past is “so long as I don’t do what the majority do and instead follow the minority I’ll become unique”. So what are my friends doing at this age?

Here are a few local profiles. The Artist, taking unemployed money and spending all of their time working on their art and developing an online presence. The Entrepreneur, have already been building their own companies the last couple of years and are beginning to see the type of revenue you would hope for after working your ass off in your twenties. The Professional, they have been working in a corporate position the last couple of years and have survived the covid layoffs and are positioned for their next title in a post covid world.

What happens if I become a Robinhood Trader? Is it so crazy?

When I think about achievement it’s nice to put things in a 5 and 10-year timeline. It takes as long to create anything of any lasting importance. I’m not so sure what that is yet. Luckily I have a year before my 30th. Wish me luck.

A wandering spirit exploring the endless paradox of life.